10 Hallway Lights under $100

10  Hallway Lights under $100

Most people do some upgrades or small renovations to get their house ready to sell.  Some homeowners do amazing renovations to their house in order to get top dollar for their home.   Homeowners do extensive basement renovations, bathroom transformation, complete kitchen renovations and most home owners nowadays totally renew their home with freshly painted walls throughout their house.

But most people stop at one place where their renovation dollars can have a HUGE return on their investment for a small amount of money spent – the hallway lights. Most people keep their dated hallway lights or their cheap basic boring builder lights instead of upgrading to trendier look.  Keeping your original lighting when you’ve done renovations is like buying an expensive Yves Saint Laurent evening dress and wearing an old piece of jewellery that you’ve had for years to show it off.

Hallway lights are such an inexpensive way to transform your hallway. Here are 10 hallway lights that are under $100 each that will transform your hallway into a stunning walkway.


Allen and Roth Valencia semi-flush












Trendy yet classic.  Suitable in single family homes. $78. Lowe’s


Alang ceiling light, Ikea









Alang fabric flush ceiling light.   A Pottery Barn look alike without the Pottery Barn price.  $40 & $50. Available in two different sizes.  Ikea


Chrome, 3 light, semi-flush HD











Contemporary light chrome semi-flush modern design.  $100.  Lowe’s


contemorary semi-flush 100 Lowes











Contemporary semi-flush mount light. One of their popular sellers. $100.  Lowe’s


Cyrstal semi-flush light. Lowes 90.


This blingy chrome crystal light will sparkle in any hallway without a blingy price tag.  $90.  Lowe’s



Pewter with glass, Semi-flush, Lowes




This hurricane semi-flush is so trendy for those into the shabby chic.  Great for hallways with higher ceilings. $100. Lowe’s


Pottery Barn look alike


A Pottery Barn look alike at a fraction of the cost. $63  Lowe’s






Trendy flush mount light looks expensive and gives off alot of light for darker hallways.  Lowe’s. $79.








A very affordable trendy flushmount that is suitable for townhouses or first time buyer homes.  $40.  Home Depot



pewter clip, marble glass, home depot



For under $20 per light, the pewter clip marble glass flushmount is an inexpensive upgrade from utility builder lights.  It doesn’t make a trendy statement like the other lights above, but it also doesn’t make a negative statement that a dated light or a cheap builder light can.  It blends into the hallway in a subtle but elegant way.  It’s a good standby for those that are on tight budgets.  $20.  Home Depot


Surprisingly, the big box stores have trendy lighting that is affordable even after completing all those renovations.  Look online to see their extensive selection. Ordering online takes a few days for delivery so you need to factor that in to your timeline when getting your house ready to list.

For more ideas on hallway lights for under $100, check out my Pinterest page.


10 Light Fixtures Under $100 to sell your house Debi Collinson. AddValueToYourHome.ca


























Debi Collinson is a Designer, Stager & Renovator. For over 10 years she has been helping clients make their home stunning. She has staged over 75  homes helping clients make money beyond their expectations. She has bought several “fixer uppers” and either flipped them for a healthy profit or turned them into profitable rental properties. Follow her as she shares her tips & secrets along the way.

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