Painting the Inside of My Front Door BLACK!!!


Painting the Inside of My Front Door BLACK!!!

One of the current trends right now which I think is so much fun is painting the inside of your front door.  Why does it have to be boring white? Who made that rule any-ways.  I have been secretly wanting to paint the door black for quite awhile.  When I redecorated the front hallway I thought now is my chance….finally.

So when Mr. Add Value left the house for a long period of time, I got out my painters tape and black paint and brush and started to put on coat #1.  It’s not like he would have stopped me if he knew ahead of time, but it saved ALOT of time explaining what I was doing and why.

white door, before














The white door was so boring and becoming dated!  It (and I) needed the change!


Painted the inside front door black











I didn’t take pictures during the process but there’s lots of advise out there on which panel of the door to paint first!


Metallic Paint Accent Wall
Metallic Paint Accent Wall

It even makes the adjoining accent wall pop out more!


Entryway, Black door, metallic accent wall,















I so love it now.  And Mr. Add Value?  It has eventually grown on him.

So are you going to try this – check out my post on the 5 Most Popular Colors to Paint the INSIDE of your front door for color ideas.


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