5 Easy Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Great Curb Appeal

Stunning Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Fast

Whether you’re decorating to stay or staging to sell, your front curb appeal says alot about your house.  Your curb appeal can make a positive or negative statement. Landscaping can have a HUGE impact on what your house looks like.  Overgrown shrubs or trees and unkempt gardens gives the impression that the inside of the house looks like that also. Conversely, a stunning front yard & amazing curb appeal gives the impression that the rest of your house looks like that also.

Everyone wants their front garden to look amazing, and if you ever watch HGTV you know a house who’s curb appeal is magazine worthy definitely adds value to your home.  But for alot of people, spending hours in your garden to make it look stunning may be a luxury that you don’t have time for, or the interest to do. But careful planning, creativity and with some landscaping knowledge, its easy to create a stunning front yard that will be a show stopper with your neighbors and/or potential buyers.

1. Easy Care Evergreens, Trees & Bushes

Adding different evergreens, trees & bushes in the front yard not only creates variety and interest, its low on the maintenance where evergreen trees and bushes only need pruning typically yearly.  Be sure to have a variety of different kinds and heights for interest to the eye.  Be careful to plant low lying bushes in front of windows so they don’t block natural light flowing into the house.


FABULOUS FRONT YARDS FROM RATE MY SPACELandscaping your front yard can add the wow factor to your home's curb appeal. Browse these sensational outdoor spaces for ideas.

Photo: DIY Network


Photo: Bailey Nurseries


2. Perennial Gardens

Flower beds with lots of pretty flowers are so beautiful.  But lets face reality here.  They are alot of upkeep.  If you love gardening and have lots of time, go for annuals.  But an easier and less expensive solution to annuals is perennials.  They can look just as beautiful as annual flower gardens without the same expense and upkeep.


Coleus and Hosta "Flower" Beds

Source: Unknown


10 Plants to Add Instant Curb Appeal When You're Selling Your Home ...

Photo: HGTV


3. Perennial Pathways


Decorated pathways leading up to the front door create a grand entrance. Boxwoods or hostas can enhance the entrance in an elegant yet reasonably effortless way.










Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Classic Boxwood Edged Pathway

Photo: Better Homes & Garden


4. Lit Pathway

There is something about lit pathways that create a magical impression of a home at night time. There are many options now for lighting pathways.  There is the obvious choice of hiring an electrician to permanently install electrical boxes for pathway lights.

There’s also two easier options if you’re planning on selling your house and need an install fast.  You can purchase a set of pathway lighting with a cord connecting them all to the light socket at the house.  You just need to hid the cord in the garden.  There’s also the eco friendly option of solar lights that don’t require electricity.  The easiest to install by far, but dependent on solar so they won’t shine if you get a few rainy days.

Photo: Kichler Lighting

Solar Powered Pathway Light Pack

Photo: Solar landscape lighting from Wayfair


5. Front Door Planters

The final touch to your curb appeal is urns flanking either side of your front door if you have room.  There’s nothing like lovely flowers, trees, a boxwood or an arrangement of lovely plants to add the icing to your front door curb appeal.






















Photo: blog.wellapointedhouse.com























Photo: MyDomaine


Black high-gloss front door with autumn urns

Source: Unknown


Black front door with topiary urns

Source: Unknown


Hopefully that you are now armed with some solid ideas on how to make your front yard magazine worthy!  What idea or ideas are you going to try? Have fun!


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