2021 Hot Hardwood Flooring Trends To Sell Your House

Updated: October 21, 2020

Hot Hardwood Flooring Trends

A few years ago the hottest trend in hardwood flooring was the dark brown espresso flooring. If you didn’t have espresso floors, you kind of felt left out. But as with any industry, be it fashion, cars or home decorating, trends come and go.  If you have dark brown floors, you will be happy to know that they haven’t gone out of style, they are still popular, but there are also other styles that are also trendy and provide you with other options.

In no particular order, here are the 2015 hardwood flooring trends:

1.  Gray tones hardwood flooring

Gray is hot right now.  It is the new “neutral” and no wonder that gray flooring is so popular.  Gray has become very popular for paint, cabinets, and furniture.  Gray can range from soft neutral gray to bold charcoal gray where it makes a design statement.  Gray is the perfect way to update a tired looking room.

Photo courtesy of Lumber Luquidators
Photo: Lumber Liquidators


2. Dark hardwood floors

Dark is still in !  They continue to be popular – especially in high end homes because they give a classic and contemporary look.  The two most popular stains are ebony (dark and coolest) and Jacobean (a very dark brown but slightly warmer than ebony.)  Some homeowners combine both types of wood on a floor to make an interesting and different design pattern. Dark floors make a powerful statement.   The downside to dark floors is that they require higher maintenance than other colours.  They show the dirt more (not great if you have light coloured furry friends) and show scratches more.

Photo: Courtesy of World Floor Covering Association
Photo: World Floor Covering Association, Anderson Wood – Exotic Impressions



3.  Wider, longer planks

Floors are now offered in wider planks such as 5″, 6″ or even 7″ planks.  Wider planks usually open up a small area creating a spacious look in the room.  Many woods are now being offered in longer planks which produces a sleek looking floor with fewer seams.

Photo courtesy of Mohawk Hardwood Flooring, Brandymill
Photo: Mohawk Hardwood Flooring, Brandymill


4.  Reclaimed wood

One of the growing trends in hardwood flooring is to have more authentic looking wood.  This can be accomplished by using salvaged wood from old beams or hardwood flooring, both expensive options, or using a less expensive option of handscraped and machined distressed wood.  Both still achieve that trendy authentic look but at a more affordable cost.

Photo courtesy of HGTV
Photo: HGTV



4. Matte Finishes

Low gloss hardwood have been transforming homes in Europe.  This style is becoming more popular here in North America. There are a lot of benefits to less glossy floors.  Pet owners and families with small children will be happy with this option because the low-luster hides small scratches and dents.  It also hides dust and the build up of footprints.  These benefits make matte finishes easier to maintain and quite suitable for high traffic areas.   But one of the biggest appeals of low-gloss flooring is that it offers a more authentic wood look, often highlighting the color and texture of the wood more effectively than a high-gloss  finish.

Low-luster flooring is continuing to gain popularity in North America, where many wood products are now offered with gloss levels as low as 30%. As this trend continues, expect to see even lower-luster finishes.

Photo: Hadderus 5" plank matte finish hardwood
Photo: Hadderus 5″ plank matte finish hardwood



5. Exotic Woods

Exotic hardwood and bamboo flooring have emerged as growing trends due to their distinct, unique appearances.  There is a variety of exotic flooring options in different non traditional colour and grain.

Exotic woods can make a room look stunning but they wouldn’t be the look you want for a formal living room or dining room for example.  Exotic woods would be suitable in homes or condos in more trendier areas like downtown as opposed to suburbia cookie cutter homes.

Matte Brazilian Pecan Natural Hardwood. Photo: Lumber Liquidators
Matte Brazilian Pecan Natural Hardwood.
Photo: Lumber Liquidators


Homeowners are looking for more styles and personality these days from their hardwood floor.  With increasing technology, there are a lot more options these days than traditional thin oak plank flooring that dominated the flooring industry 23 – 30 years ago.  Some trends really take hold and become very popular, like the gray and dark hardwood flooring, other trends like matte finish and exotic woods are trendy but may not be as widely accepted or may take longer to become widely accepted.  It will be interesting to see how these trends unfold throughout this year.


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