5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Using Power Tools


What project do you want to tackle right now if you could use a power tool?  Is it to build a cute bench for our outside patio?  Put up those higher baseboards to make your livingroom look more sensational?  Is it to be able to do some of those DIY projects that you have secretly saved to your secret board on Pinterest?

‎Growing up the daughter of a design engineer/general contractor you would think I would feel comfortable trying and using power tools. On weekends my dad would frequently take me to his current construction project that he was working on.  I certainly don’t mind getting my hands (and myself) dirty for that matter. I paint my finger nails but it’s not with nail polish –  it’s paint or gel from the latest project that I’m working on.

So what’s with my fear of power tools?

The fear was that I would cut off a finger, or worse, injure a hand so much that I would loose the ability to use it. I don’t think I’m the only one out there with this fear or there would be alot more of us using power tools.

How Does One Overcome Fear?

We all know that it’s do the thing you fear the most. I’m envious of my fellow bloggers that wield a power tool like there’s no tomorrow. I commented on two fellow bloggers because I was so impressed how they could use a power tool to get their projects done and it didn’t hold them back at all. They both wrote back with the same advise to just try one!  Just start!

5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Using the Power Tool

1. Start with ONE power tool AND a simple one at that.  Start with one of the simpler power tools and work your way up once you feel confident.  Start with a simple project. www.AddValueToYourHome.ca

2. Pick a simple project.

There is a reason why they start students off with a mailbox, simple side table or a birdhouse in woodworking class.  Baby steps first until you feel comfortable tackling a more difficult project.

3. Ask someone to show you what to do.

Is there a friend or your spouse who will support and show you?  One of the community colleges in our area, offers a power tool course for women only.  Join a project challenge with other friends for moral support -kind of like a support group.

4. Give yourself a deadline. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took me from the time I asked my fellow bloggers how they got started with power tools until the time I actually did it. I wish I could say that I tried using a power tool immediately but it wasn’t until a deadline was approaching (the bank was coming to assess our house so I had to finish putting up trim) that I took a deep breath, stepped over that imaginary line of fear and did it!!!

5. Commit to sharing your project or work to others. When we share with others what we are going to do, it gives us the accountability or push we sometimes  need to get us over the starting line.  So push yourself to do it AND to do it to the best of your ability.

I’m SO glad I tried it!  I’m SO looking forward to trying a fun project. I wish I had started sooner. I now have many more items to my bucket list!

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