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5 Ways to Make a Focal Point in a Living Room

Updated: October 1, 2020

When you walk into a room, without thinking, your eyes automatically search for something or somewhere to land.  That “landing spot” is called the focal point.  The focal point is where your eye is drawn to and where you make your first impression of the room.  You want that impression to be a stunning statement of your living room.  Here are 5 ways use can do this:

1. Artwork

Artwork is the easiest and least expensive way to create a stunning focal point in a room if you don’t have a natural one like a fireplace, stunning view or some other architectural feature that makes a powerful statement.  Artwork can be one piece or a combination of more than one but it needs to make a powerful statement in order to be the focal point.

This room uses bold artwork and dark bold walls to make a dramatic focal point.


The stunning artwork gives this living room the pop it needed.

2. A fireplace or other Architectural Features

A fireplace, a nicely aged brick wall, beautiful windows, high vaulted ceilings, stunning columns for example are all features of a home that make a natural focal point.

fireplace, after, new marble fireplace, natural stone, maple built-ins

3.  An Accent Wall

There are many ways you can create an accent wall.  A bold contrasting paint color, wallpaper or add a material like wood, slate or leather tiles.

black room, accent wall 3

Black accent walls are a very popular trend currently.  This room above gives the black accent wall a new twist with leather tiles.

4. A stunning accessory like a piece of art, a light fixture, a hand woven carpet, or a baby grand piano

This light fixture below is not only the centre of the room, it is a stunning focal point. This room also boasts a beautiful fireplace and view as other focal points.   Beautiful handwoven rugs, sculptures, baby grand pianos and other stunning pieces of furniture can also be the focal point.


5.  The View

nature inspired living room

People purchase homes because they want to surround themselves in an environment they find soothing or stimulating.  Some people gravitate to natural surroundings like an ocean, lake, forest or mountain, while other like being the centre of a busy city and enjoy a beautiful skyline of a city.

If you are fortunate enough to have a stunning view from your living room window, this will automatically become the focal point of your room.

A room can have more than one focal point.

This living room (below) has a fireplace wall with a mirror to compliment it and a stunning bubble chandelier.  Both focal points work well together and don’t compete with one another.

focal point, clayton gray home, bubble light fixture
Photo: Stunning bubble chandelier available for purchase on their website

Focal points can  Make  a Positive OR Negative Statement!focal point, Keswick, living room before

Most TVs make a negative focal point.  Big screen high tech TVs are suitable focal points in a media room, but NOT appropriate in a living room.

In this living room (right) the dark curtains and big TV were negative focal points.  The eye landed in this area but the first impression was a negative one.

Moving the TV into a corner and removing some of the black curtains, moved the focal point to the interesting artwork and slipper chairs (photo below).

What is the focal point in YOUR living room?  Does it make a stunning statement about your home or a negative one?

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