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6 Most Popular Colors To Paint A Front Door

6 Most Popular Colors To Paint a Front Door

Update March 29, 2020

Painting your front door is an inexpensive but VERY effective way to increase your curb appeal and add value to your home. Boring neutral colored front doors like taupe, brown or white makes your house look blah and just blend in to every other house on the street. If you’re looking to add curb appeal, the best way to get noticed is to make your front door pop in a way that enhances the brick, stone or vinyl color of your house.  It needs to pop!

What are the most popular paint colors?


Blue is fast becoming the go to color for front doors beating the popular red color choice in some regions. Aqua, peacock and mid-blue are currently the more popular shades.  However the regurance of navy blue is quickly becoming a favorite, especially in colder regions where navy looks appropriate in snow whereas an aqua door looks like it belongs down south where there is no snow.  In no particular order are trending  colors of blue for a front door.

Denver Manor Home

Photo by Linda L. Floyd, Inc., Interior Design via Houzz 

Richmond, 1930

Photo by Hannah Brown via Houzz


Photo by Andrea Brooks Interiors via Houzz

door, blue, southern living

Photo via Southern Living

navy front door


For years, red as be the favorite color choice for front doors.  It just pops the front exterior when done right.  Trending in red front doors is to have the surrounding trim classical white or to paint the trim black or gray to make the door even more dramatic.

red door, farmhouse-style-front-porch-with-pops-of-red-outdoor-living-porches.1

Sophie’s – Live Beautifully On a Budget

Chelsea Townhouse

Photo:  David Howell Design via Houzz

Red doors are the most popular color choices other than neutral colors. Gray trim is becoming all the rage.

Source Unknown

Front exterior

Red doors with black or gray trim are making a powerful statement!

Whitefish Bay - Old World Made New

Photo by Ginkgo Leaf Studio via Houzz

Red/orange bricks do well with a shade of red, a deep orange or commonly known as rust, or a shade of blue works well also with this color of brick.


Black makes a dramatic statement and stands the test of time.  If you’re not sure about blue or red, or are afraid you might get tired of it, black can make a wonderful front door statement.

Exterior Arch Portico Front Entry

Photo by Cushing Custom Homes, Inc. via Houzz

The Gatekeepers Cottage

Photo by Boscolo Interior Design via Houzz

Home owners that don’t like the stark black can choose a deep gray which is still makes quite a statement.

Lincoln Park - Howe
Project 1

Photo by DK Design via Houzz


Green hasn’t traditionally been a go-to color for front doors but they are starting to come on the horizon as another popular color choice and can make a powerful statement too.

Mid-Century Modern Renovation

Photo by Koch Architects, Inc. Joanne Koch via Houzz

green door, better homes and gardens

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

My Houzz: Cheery and Breezy Pittsburgh Home

Photo by Adrienne DeRosa via Houzz

Happy Hollow Lane_Entry


Yellow is definitely more popular in some parts of the country than others but it can certainly be a show stopper like red, blue or black.

Harbor View Hills

Photo by Garden Studio via Houzz

Do you feel motivated now?  What color are you going to try? Or are you overwhelmed?  Not sure what color is the best fit for your stone, brick or siding?  I can help you with that!

Do You Need Help Choosing the Right Paint Color?


Does the front of your home looks like it could belong on a magazine page or has it seen better days? You want to make your curb appeal pop but you’re just not sure of the right color with your current stone, brick or vinyl house. What would make it stand out.

Once you answer my questionnaire, and send the appropriate pictures, I will give you two color choices for your front door.  Click here to order this online color consult.

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  1. I have tan siding, red brick with some rust and orange color in it with white trim around house. What color for front door and window shutters? Would an orange look good or stay with green or blue tones?

    1. Hi Deena – Thanks for dropping by! Red, rust & orange are very popular brick colors indeed. Not knowing the predominant color in your brick, red, rust or orange, and without pictures, green or blue would typically be in the color family you would start with from what you have described. With regards to exact colors for your front door, you need to take into consideration your siding color. Is it a light tan or dark tan? A warm tan or a cool tan? With regards to your shutters, white is a very popular shutter color, but it also depends on the window trim color and the total overall look of your house. Pictures are the key in making a correct decision without buying the wrong color, and having to paint it again. I can help you make the correct decision for the cost of choosing the wrong color of paint can and having to redo it all over. You can check out my front-door paint color here. Pick the garage door consult for your shutter color.
      I look forward to working with you! http:/

  2. I was just looking at your front door, the colour is nice, but my girlfriend has the same colour of bricks and she painted her door a beautiful creamy beige. I personally love red.

    1. Hey Lori – I think if you show 5 different people the same door and ask them what color they should paint it, you would get 5 different answers. It’s alot of personal taste isn’t it? Red has traditionally been my go to color as well but I need a change and I’m mixing things up very soon….keep posted. Thanks for dropping by!

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