6 Tips to Show Your Home to Buyers During Coronavirus

6 Tips to Show Your Home to Buyers During a Pandemic - Add Value to Your Home with Debi Collinson


6 Tips To Selling Your House During a Coronavirus Outbreak

These are scary times and unchartered territory.  Announcements and closures are updated daily.  We haven’t seen anything close to this in our lifetime.  And no one knows for sure how long we are going to be in this situation.

But if you find yourself needing to sell your house during this time, here are 6 tips to help you protect yourself, your family, and others coming into your home during these difficult times.


1. Screen Out Buyers Before they Visit Your House

A video of your home showcasing the layout & rooms, can help people decide if your home would be a good fit or not.

When a house goes on the market, you always get people interested in looking at a house but not interested at buying at that time.  Normally, it would be alright for people to go through your home, during a open house.  But in a middle of a pandemic, its an unnecessary risk to have these tire kickers, people who are not actually going to buy your home, going through your home.

A great way to weed out the tire kickers from the serious potential buyers is to have your realtor take a video of your home by going through each room, each floor to give buyers a real feel of what the home looks like.  These videos can be equivalent to a first showing of the home where buyers are viewing your home for the first time to see if they like layout of the home, the rooms, and the overall feel of the house.

Only allow pre-qualified buyers who can afford your home to go through the house.

Your realtor can also screen to see if buyers are pre-qualified to be able to afford your house.  There’s no sense in having someone come through your home if in the end the price is more than they can afford.

2. Hold Showings a Few Times a Week

If you’ve ever sold your house before, you know that buyers tend to control the showing times during a reasonable limit.  You could have a showing booked at 10 o’clock, one at 2 pm, and another one at 7 pm that evening all in the same day.  That’s alot of wear and tear for you having to leave so many times and to sanitize the house after you go back inside.

Schedule showings in certain time slots for a few hours 2 or 3 times a week.  For example, have showings for 2 -3 hours in a morning, another time slot on an evening for those that need to go into work, and another time slot on a Saturday or Sunday for a 2-3 more hours.  To get as many people through these time slots, limit the showings to 30 or 45 minutes as opposed to the normal 60 minutes.  If people arrive on time, they don’t really need 60 minutes to go through a house when its their first time through it.  If they are really interested, they will schedule a second showing and you can allow longer to accommodate them.

Have your real estate office screen out anyone sick or has flu-like symptoms from entering the house.

3.  Limit the Number of People that Go through the Home

Alot of buyers like to bring their children, perhaps their parents or another family member for a showing.  After all, buying a house effects the whole family. But times are different right now.  Limit the number of people that go through your house so that the realtor can have an eye on where his or her clients are.  That can be more difficult to do if there are more than two people in the house with the realtor, especially if there are children involved.


4. Open doors & keep lights on for showings

Limit the number of areas that a buyer’s agent needs to touch surfaces inside your home by leaving all the lights on in the house before the showing.  Keep doors open so they don’t need to touch door knobs.


5. Have disposable gloves, disposable slippers & hand Selling-Your-House-During-Coronovirus-Virus-Add-Value-to-your-Home-Debi-Collinsonsanitizer available for EVERY person that comes through your house.

Make precautions before people enter your house.  Have disposable gloves, disposable slippers available for EVERY person that comes through your front door.  Limit what the buyers can and cannot touch.  Is it necessary to open every cabinet and drawers in the kitchen? Do they need to touch countertop services?  No they don’t!  Especially during an outbreak.

Many real estate offices ask potential buyers not to use the homeowners washrooms during showings.

You can insist that buyers do not use the washrooms, do not sit on the furniture, and touch only door knobs wearing protective gloves.

6. Wipe down or spray surfaces, door knobs etc. with a anti-viral disinfectant.

This is obvious but for extra reassurance, you should wipe down surfaces with a disinfectant after the showing time! Door knobs! Light switches! Any surface that you suspect may have been touched.

Taking all these steps will ensure that your family, potential buyers and agents going through your home will be protected during this challenging time.


Debi-Collinson-Add-Value-to-your-HomeI’m Debi Collinson.  Stager. Stylist. Real Estate Investor.  In 2006, at the request of a realtor, I staged my first home.  The sellers liked their newly redesigned home so much that they turned down an offer for full asking price.  I never looked back.  Since then, I have been helping clients make their homes look like they came out of a magazine. I have helped clients earn money for their home beyond their expectations.

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