Decluttering the Bathroom

Decluttering the Bathroom

This is probably one of those jobs that you’re dreading BUT decluttering the bathroom is SOOOOO important!!!  It needs to look clean, fresh AND clutter free.  If it looks dirty, cluttered and smelly, this will turn off potential buyers.  Which you don’t want to do of course!

As you already know, the counters need to be cleaned off.  And this means EVERYTHING.  You don’t want toothbrushes, toothpaste etc in the pictures & showings.  Of course, once you’re ready to stage, you’ll bring in fresh white towels, and pretty soaps or candles to create a spa-like feel.

The vanity needs to be tidy and organzied.  You need to get rid of all the extra bottles of shampoos etc that you don’t really need.  Just keep in your cupboards the bare essentials.  Selling your house is only for awhile.  The short term pain will be well worth it!

If you store towels in your vanity, they need to be neatly folded and preferably the same or similar colors.  Hide the old mismatched towels somewhere else.  If the cupboard is stuffed with items, you’re telling buyers you don’t have enough storage space.  Your cupboards should be 1/2 full.

I have walked into many bathrooms where the homeowners have bought additional cupboards etc. to put all their stuff in.  I ask them what kind of message does that send to potential buyers when they walk into the kitchen?  They always reply that is shows that the bathroom doesn’t have enough storage.  And they’re right!  That is exactly the message they’re giving off.

If you have extra cupboards that don’t belong in the bathroom, and don’t match the vanity, you’re telling potential buyers that your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage. Get rid of them!

Next is the bathroom and/or shower area.  How many shampoos do you really need in there??  Declutter all the bottles, brushes, etc from this area.  This area needs to be clean, smell fresh and FREE of mildew.

If you have a mildew issue in your bathroom area, you need to take care of it BEFORE your house goes on the market.

The bathroom needs to sparkle!Debi-Collinson-Interiors












Your bathroom needs to shine!  It needs to look inviting and pleasing to potential buyers.

Shower curtains need to be neutral and fresh.  The big box stores sell stage worthy curtains at a reasonable price.

For pictures and showings, remove floor mats, toilet bowl brushes, magazine racks etc.  Preferably garbage cans should be removed, or at least blend into the decor if they stay.  Colored or garbage cans with pictures do not belong here.

This needs to be done to EVERY bathroom in the house. Now that wasn’t so bad was it?


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