Decluttering the Kitchen

Get Your House Ready to Sell- Decluttering the Kitchen

There are 5 rooms that are the most important when getting your house ready to sell.  One of the rooms is the kitchen if not THE most important room.  After all, its the heart of the home.

Alot of people have 2 sets or more of dishes, lovely serving dishes, 2 + sets of glassware, cooking utensils, storage containers etc. etc. etc.  And it all gets stuffed into the kitchen cupboards.

I have walked into many homes where the homeowners have bought additional cupboards etc. to put all their stuff.  I ask them what kind of message does that send to potential buyers when they walk into the kitchen?  They always reply that is shows that the kitchen isn’t big enough.  And in many cases, the family has expanded and outgrown their kitchen so their isn’t enough space.  And thus the reason for their move. BUT you don’t want to tell future homeowners that!

If you have extra cupboards & sideboards that don’t belong in your kitchen, you’re telling potential buyers that your kitchen is too small. Get rid of them!

There are two ways to get your kitchen ready to list your home.  One way is to declutter it quick & fast just to get it ready.  The second way is to really go through your items and decide what you’re taking with you to your next space and what you need to dispose of.

Decluttering Method #1


If you’re hurry in getting your house on the market, everyone knows that you need clean countertops, and only 2 -3 trendy kitchen type accessories showing off your beautiful kitchen.

But what about inside the cupboards? If your cupboards are bulging with items inside, you need to remove enough items to make sure that pop & pans are piles 5 + high deep or dishes are stacked high on top of one another and storage containers stuffed in between.  You get the picture.  Make the inside of the cupboards pretty by taking out mismatched items, broken items, storage containers and items that make the cupboards stuffed. One client went to the extent of buying kitchen organizers and stacking her dishes using the organziers.  That’s alot of work for when you’re moving.  Save that step for your new home.

What do you do with this stuff?  Box it up, label it and sort it out later when you have time.  Some people rent a storage locker to sort and go through stuff to see what they’re going to take with them and what they’re going to dispose of.

Decluttering Method #2

The second method is to go through your cupboards and actually sort through what you’re taking with you.  A good way to do that is to measure your new kitchen cupboards, for example say you have 10 linear feet of storage but in your old house you have 16 linear feet of storage.  Tape off 10 linear feet in your kitchen and you will know that everything you’re taking with you needs to fit within the taped off area.

What to do with the other items that are not going with you?

  1. Recycle
  2. Donate
  3. Garbage

There’s no right or wrong which is the best method to use.  The decision is based on time or lack thereof.  Obviously Method #2 saves you the extra step of packing up items, storing & sorting later.  But if time is of the essence, you may not have a choice but to go with Option #1.

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