Family Room Makeover-Week 1


Family Room Makeover-Week 1

I’m SO excited to be part of the One Room Challenge again.  A huge thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for organizing this bi-annual design challenge.  This is my third time taking on the challenge.  The first time I redesigned our entryway, and the second time, I  we completed redesigned our master bedroom including adding on a master en-suite.
We moved into a newer home in the spring of this year.  We love the home but unfortunately the previous owner had vary ornate tastes.  We nicknamed our house the “Persian Palace.”  So we’re gradually removing the ornate style and making it more of an “urban country” style.

Our home backs onto beautiful green space that is protected and cannot be touched by developers.  Even though we are 20 minutes away to the hustle and bustle, we feel like we live in the country.

























Our family room is at the back of the house but it’s the hub of our home! It’s an open concept area where the family room, eating area and kitchen are all connected to one another with no walls in-between.
















The living room has gold walls and the fireplace drives me crazy!  It needs to be toned down.  We also ripped down the heavy dark drapes which left holes in the walls.  Why would you cover up the windows when you have such an amazing view outside?  Our backyard view was one of the major reasons why we purchased this home.

(Scroll down to read about the lights or lack there of to see why the pictures are so dark!)














Since the kitchen/eating area/living room is open concept, it’s difficult to do one area without doing the other.  The eat-in area will also definitely get a paint makeover.  The accent wall screams 90’s even though the house isn’t that old!

I’m tempted to tackle the kitchen as well.  Do you see the two kitchen counters?  The counter is corian and the island counter is granite.  I know it can be trendy to have two different types of counters in a kitchen, but these two do not go together at all.  They’re like oil and water!

Let There Be Light!















Here’s a good view of some the areas in this room that really bugs me beside the fact that there is no light (lol).  The fancy smancy ceiling medallion does not fit our style.  However, removing it would create such a domino effect due to the popcorn ceiling so it will probably stay for now.  The little “do dad” on the fireplace and the special effect painting doesn’t suit our style either.  The thing that really irks me the most is the pergola is too low!!!   You can see the height of the structure from the family room window.  It blocks our amazing views of the sunsets and you can’t fully open the windows.  But that’s too is another project for another time.












Speaking of lights, the lights in the adjoining rooms like the eat-in area and kitchen need to be updated also.  I know we’re only doing one room here but it’s hard too focus on one room in an open concept area!


My Inspiration: Urban Country

Since we’re so fortunate to back onto this amazing green space, nature is my inspiration.  You feel like you’re in the country but you can see homes in the distance so I’m calling my design Urban Country.  A country feel with an urban












My colors & accessories will be inspired by nature: creams & greens. My furniture will be staying more or less the same with a few tweaks here and there but the wood definitely won’t stay the same color!  The accessories, rug, pillows, knick knacks definitely have gotta to go! I’m looking for my art inspiration piece to pull the plan together.  Large wall art for the family room wall or the dated accent wall in the eating area will be the piece where I draw my other colors from.  Stay tuned!

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