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    “Pick My Brain” One Hour or One Question Online Guidance Consult

    You’re stuck! You’ve already started to look at your options picking out a product or color but you have one question and you need help with your direction and decision. Perhaps you’ve already starting to think about how to change a room. You’re thinking about different ideas, perhaps you’re starting to look at various samples, but you’re not sure what direction to take.  You need direction and guidance!  You need to pick my brain for an hour or two to help you come up with a plan or narrow down your selection.  You need 1 of guidance to help you while you’re styling to stay or staging to sell.

    This package is for you if:

    • you have 1 question where you need help deciding what to do:
      • roof color
      • flooring type and color
      • kitchen, bathroom or other cabinet paint colors
      • lighting suggestions
      • guidance on accessories your space that you recently painted and kept most of the existing furniture
      • what tile or backsplash will be best in your kitchen, bathroom etc.
      • source products for you
      • ?
    • you need 1 – 2 hours guidance on a design or room makeover. You have some ideas, and maybe even pictures but you need guidance on the overall plan and design of the space and help deciding between some products that you have selected.
    • you need 1 – 2 hours staging guidance advice for a few of your rooms that can be accomplished in a zoom call with your computer and camera going around your spaces where I will give you my savvy staging advise as a professional stager and house flipper.  You can record the call for your notes.

    This is a one hour online consult.  One question can TYPICALLY be answered in one hour. Guidance on a design or room makeover, or guidance on staging your home is typically 2 hours.  You can book me for two hours to ensure that there is plenty of time to answer all your questions without being rushed.

    Need more help than just guidance? Check out my other color, design or staging packages!
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    Bedroom Makeover


    This package is for you if:

    • There’s a bedroom in your house that needs a makeover be it the primary bedroom, a teenager’s room or a kid’s room.
    • your child has outgrown their space and you want a room that is going to last for the next number of years before they move out
    • You’re tired of your master bedroom and you want an update.  You have some ideas but you need help pulling it all together
    • You want new furniture, new paint, fresh ideas but you need a plan to get you started OVERWHELMED!!!

    Taking into consideration your life style, your family needs, what you want to keep if anything, after receiving your questionnaire and photos of your room, I will work with you to give you furniture & accessories ideas and recommendations within your budget, paint color and trim choices, and any repairs or small renovations such as flooring etc.  This package will help you with ALL of those issues!

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    e-Design 2 hour Consult


    You’re stuck! You need styling or decorating guidance! You’re starting to think about updating a room in your house. You have lots of different ideas, lots of pictures of what you want, and you’ve already started to collect some samples. But it’s just not coming together the way you would like it. You need 2 hours of guidance & direction!

    This package is for you if:

    • You want to update a room in your house maybe using some of your existing items but you need some direction to get you going in the right direction.
    • You have lots and lots of different ideas – maybe too many as you’re not sure where to start.
    • You have lots of pictures of how you are visualizing the room to look but it’s not coming together. You need direction
    • You have started to collect florring samples, or tile samples or have picked out a few lights and not sure what goes with what.
    • You need some color guidance using my top recommended color recommendations that you have been looking at
    • You welcome suggestions for furniture or accessories to complement your current furniture.
    • With your permission, you can be added to my 5 Decorating Mistakes Most Homeowners Make!
    • You need 2 hours of guidance & direction to come up with a design plan!
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    Exterior Paint Color Palette Online Consult


    How would you rate your home’s curb appeal right now? Does your front exterior need a refresh?  New paint colors for the siding? Trim? Perhaps the front door and garage door?  You know your curb appeal could be so much better but you’re not sure what to do and where to start. Does the roof…

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    Front Door Paint Color Online Consult


    What does your front door say about your house? Your front door looks dated, scratched, is tired and worn looking.  The paint is coming off your and you want a refreshing new look. Your front door looks like the before picture on Instagram. Or perhaps you’re just plain tired of the color of your door. …

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    Garage Door Paint Color Online Consult


    Is your garage door looking worn and tired? Does your garage door look tired and dated?  Perhaps the paint is peeling off and is in need of a fresh updated color? You bought the house and hate the color of the garage door.  Its just sticks out like a sore thumb. What’s the best garage…

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    Kitchen Cabinets Staging Paint Color Online Consult


    Nothing dates a house faster than a dated kitchen.  You’re getting your house ready to sell and you don’t want low ball offers on your house due to your dated looking kitchen. You need help picking out paint color(s) for your kitchen to make it more appealing to buyers.

    After reviewing your photos, this package will give you 2 – 3 paint colors recommendations for your upper & lower kitchen cabinets, and your kitchen island.

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    Living Room or Family Room Makeover


    Living Room or Family Room Makeover You’re not happy with your current living room or family room. It’s dated.  You’ve been busy raising your family, and Your family needs have changed. You feel the room is dated. You have some ideas but you’re not sure where to start or how to pull it all together…

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    Main Floor Staging Paint Color Online Consult


    “Painting your home is one of the BIGGEST upgrades and one of the MOST cost effective upgrades that you can do to your home to get the most money from your home when you’re selling your house.”

    This package is for you if:

    • You know that the wall color is dated and needs updating.
    • Is EVERY room a different color on the main floor so the flow from room to room is disjointed.  It looked great while you were living there but after looking a houses online and going to open houses, you see that houses that are more neutral and have only one or two paint colors on a floor flows better.
    • Maybe you’re living with the old homeowners paint colors and never got around to repainting the colors to something more neutral.
    • You want to get as much money for your home as possible and sell it as fast as possible so you want your first impression to look amazing!!

    The wrong wall color can make your house look dated, unattractive or clash with your current flooring, kitchen cabinets etc. which can turn potential buyers off.  Make sure you have the right color for your furniture, accessories AND most importantly, the selling features of your home!

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    One Room Paint Color Online Consult


    You have a room in your home that is worn looking with lots of marks on the walls, OR perhaps the color is dated, OR you bought new furniture and the paint color no longer goes, or you just want an update!!!

    Whatever the reason, you want a new color on those walls for a fresh update that suits your style & looks amazing!!

    You need help in picking a paint color that suits the current furniture & fixtures in the room.

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    One Room Staging Paint Color Online Consult


    You’re getting your house ready to sell but you have a room or room(s) in your house that have a dated paint color or the walls need a refresh coat of paint to show the house well to potential buyers.  But you need help in picking a paint color that suits the current furniture & fixtures in the room but is a current trendy staging color.

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    Staging Consult 2 Hour e-Design


    You’re getting your house ready to sell. You know you need to declutter and get rid of some items and furniture but you’re not sure what should stay for staging, or should get put into storage. Perhaps you’re going through my “30 Day Get Your House Ready to Sell in 30 Days Challenge” and you…

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    The “5 MOST IMPORTANT ROOMS” Staging Makeover


    The cost of staging your house for sale will cost you LESS money than the cost of your first price reduction!!!

    This package will help you make the 5 MOST IMPORTANT rooms in your house to look like they belong in a magazine page so that you can sell your house for as much money as possible and as quickly as possible.

    You’re a bit of a do-it-yourselfer so you don’t mind doing the work yourself but you need suggestions, guidance, and recommendations.  You need a staging coach!