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How to attach fabric to wood furniture

How to Attach Fabric to Wood Furniture

We moved into our current house, fixer upper #2, from a small tiny bungalow.  The bungalow had no dining room so we ate at the kitchen table.  When we moved into our current house we had no dining room furniture so my husband heard about an estate sale where we bought two cabinets, a large oval table and 6 chairs for a pretty good price.

It wasn’t really my style but it would.  Besides, the price was right!

Here’s a before picture of the hutch:

The Plain Jane hutch












Here’s the before picture of the buffet.

dresser, before 2











Last year, I was browsing through Pinterest and got the idea to paint the hutch and cabinet a deepish blue.

I love blue furniture, and its so trendy right now too, so I decided to paint both pieces a navy blue color.  Click here to see the post on how I painted and finished the blue buffet.

dresser, after












I painted both pieces the same week but the hutch didn’t feel quite finished.  It looked “too blue”  It sat for a few months but it was nagging at me.  It needed something.  So again browsing Pinterest, I came across SincerelySaraD’s post on how to put fabric on a wall and thought that would look great for the buffet.  I had beautiful gold damask fabric leftover from pillows I made for staging a house so I thought I would give it a try!

I first cut out a small square of the fabric to test it on the back to see how it would stick. It passed with flying colors!  (See tip at the end about testing.)

My next step was to measure carefully and cut out the fabric according to my measurements. Since my fabric didn’t stretch or shrink in the “test” I was confident about cutting according to the measurements of the cabinet.  If your fabric stretches, you need to take this into account.  If it shrinks, you need to adjust your measurements accordingly.

I used a T-ruler (a square would work too) to make sure that my fabric was on the grain.  In non-sewing terms, it had to be straight.  If it was a little crooked, it would be harder to hang straight on your furniture.










First I watered down the modpodge slightly with approximately 10% water. Then I modpodged the back of the cabinet with a sponge.  I did it quickly and generously. The modpodge worked for me.  If you have heavier fabric, you may need to use starch.  You will find this out when you test your fabric.












I placed the top of the fabric first to the back of the cabinet.  I made sure it was going on straight and then I carefully but quickly smoothed my hands over the fabric making sure that it was attaching to the modpodge, smothing out air bubbles AND making sure that it was not going crooked.

how to apply fabric to furniture, damask add.valuetoyourhome.ca
















how to apply fabric to furniture, full shot www.addvaluetoyourhome.ca
How To Apply Fabric to Furniture www.addvaluetoyourhome.ca

It went on quite smoothly.  It was actually easier than I thought.  For me it’s so much easier than putting on wrapping paper on furniture.  Some people find paper easier to put on.  I find fabric the easy one.  But maybe I’m more used to working with fabrics since I’ve been sewing since I was 8.

I’m happy with how it how it turned out. I would definitely try this again.

As for the chairs?  They are awaiting their makeover.  I just need to find the perfect fabric for them. Stay tuned!


Designer Tip:  I highly recommend to test first.  Some fabrics are heavier than others, some fabrics are stretchier than others so the process is going to be a bit different for each fabric.  The fabric I used was probably a combination of rayon/cotton/polyester.  A light to mid-weight fabric without too much stretch.  Some fabrics might stretch when you put the glue on, some might shrink.  For a heavier fabric and a bigger space, you might need to use starch.  Each fabric is going to react differently.  That’s why it’s important to TEST IT FIRST!!!


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