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Plan Your Design

It’s back!  The One Room Challenge where 20 Featured Designer and 200+ Designers/Bloggers (that’s me!) take ONE room in their home and transform that space over  6 weeks. I have a BIG to do list as I’m giving this 70’s something townhouse a total refresh one room at a time.

I bought another fixer upper again. I know (insert eye roll).  If you’re reading my blog for the first time, you need to know that I buy fixer uppers.  Live in them.  Gradually fix them up over time.  Sell them for as MUCH profit as I can. Repeat.  Doesn’t everyone do that?  LOL.  I actually didn’t think it was a big deal until my teen boy asked me when we’re moving again. I said what do you mean?  He said we move every two years. Yikes! I don’t think it was that often but he’ll thank me when I pay for his college education. LOL

Here’s the before pictures! Yikes!

The walls are a darker coco brown.  They’re actually in style now LOL but they’re throughout the ENTIRE townhouse and can look quite dreary on a cloudy day.  They definitely have to go!

Before, Master Bedroom, Add Value to Your Home with Debi Collinson
























Before - Master Bedroom Far Corner - Add Value to Your Home with Debi Collinson















































Before-One Room Challenge - Add Value to Your Home with Debi Collinson







Before Master Bedroom Corner - Add Value to Your Home with Debi Collinson
























Test Drive Your Design

For this challenge, I have decided to transform my master bedroom for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it should be my retreat!  And its anything but a retreat for me.  Also, my office is in this room because I get the best internet connection on the top floor so it doubles as my office.  Since I spend soooooo much time in this room, I want it to be glamorous, feminine and relaxing!!!

The second reason, and the most important reason, is my plan is to flip this baby in a year and a half or so.  So starting with the master bedroom it’s a good and easy place to start to figure out my color schemes, flooring etc before I start more expensive projects like the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas where I might knock down walls or add a new washroom.

Since I plan on selling this townhouse for profit in the future, it doesn’t make sense financially to do a partial makeover and have to redo parts of it later. If I just paint the walls and ceiling, for example, the paint will get messed up when I repair the popcorn ceilings and lay new flooring. Therefore, I will look at every aspect of this room that I need to do in order to get maximum dollar for my townhouse when I’m ready to sell.

A Mood Board

Most designers do what they call a mood board so you plan the look of the room and feel of what your outcome is going to be.  That doesn’t mean there may not be surprises or changes as you go along but its a good idea to have a mood board so you know what look you’re achieving, what you need to do to get there, and that you can budget accordingly and monitor your budget as you go.


Master Bedroom Makeover - Add Value to Your Home with Debi Collinson
















The To Do List:

Part of the design plan is the do list along with projected target dates to keep the design, on schedule and on budget!

Here’s the exhaustive to do list.  Good thing I have 8 weeks!!!

  1. Scrape popcorn ceiling Skim coat plastered popcorn ceiling
  2. Create back accent wall
  3. Rip up parquet flooring
  4. Paint ceiling & walls
  5. Lay down luxury plank flooring
  6. Put on new closet doors & put in closet organizer
  7. Figure out office area. Make desk? Spot for printer??
  8. Paint dressers
  9. Bedside tables ? Hmmm
  10. Style room with furniture & accessories




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