Multigenerational Living – Adding another shower

Convert Your Closet into a Shower and Add Value to Your Home

Multigenerational Living – Adding another shower

With multiple generations living under one roof, its important to make sure that the home has enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone’s needs.  Tensions will rise in the house if more than one person is trying to get out the door at the same time and lining up for the shower.

But what if your home only has one bathroom with a bathtub or shower?  Is it possible to add another bathtub or shower somewhere?  Chances are, your home already has at least one bathroom that includes a bathtub.  Its not necessary to have another washroom with a bathtub in a house, but another shower would definitely help the morning rush and defuse any tensions that could arise.

Where to Put an Additional Shower?

But where could this additional shower go?  The first obvious spot to look at are the current powder rooms in the house.  Is there a powder room on the main floor, basement or master en-suite that currently has only a toilet & sink?  Is there room to add a shower on? Can you turn a closet into a shower?


Converting Hall Closet 1converting, right hand side

A one person shower doesn’t have to be huge.  32″ x 32″ is a minimum for a shower and a closet would definitely fit the requirements. A closet adjoining to the powder room would be even better since its easy for the plumber to connect with the existing water.

Converting A Closet Into A Shower-Debi-Collinson-Add-Value-To-Your-Home


Let’s say mom & dad are sleeping on the main floor so they don’t have to climb stairs every night to bed.  Alot of powder rooms are located beside laundry rooms.  Can the laundery room be reconfigured to use some of the space for a shower.  Perhaps the washer & dryer are stackable and can be moved accordingly or a new stackable washer and dryer can replace the existing ones.  Purchasing a new stackable washer & dryer is alot less costly then one month’s rent for mom and dad in a retirement home.

Is there a powder room in the basement that could accommodate a 32″ x 32″ shower addition?

Bathroom Vanities

Ensuite makeover

While you’re going to the trouble of adding in a shower, now is the time to try to make the existing powder room as functional as possible.  For example, replacing a one-sink vanity with this space saver two sink vanity from Ikea, transforms the once, powder room, into a very functional bathroom that can be shared by two people.


Adjusting for the New Shower


Before you rip down a closet or wall, you need to make sure you have planned for what will happen to the function that the previous space had.  For example, if you’re tearing down a clothes closet, the clothes need another place to go to obviously.  In this home, wardrobes and a dresser from Ikea filled the void.  Built-ins would be another option depending on the budget.

If you’re adding a shower to the basement powder room, and took space from the laundry room, a stackable washer & dryer could fit into the smaller space.

Before & After

converting, right hand side

ensuite shower, after










Being creative and looking at under underutilized or dead space, making the home a 2 bath/shower home can have a huge positive impact on the harmony in a multigenerational home so that you have one big happy family living under one roof.  Not only will your family live in harmony, you will increase the value of your home by adding on another 3 piece washroom to your house.


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