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4 Tips to Picking The Right Barn Door for Your Home

Updated: July 17, 2020

Barn doors is one of the trends that a few people starting using a few years ago, while the majority of the masses sat back and watched to see where it will go.  Well it has certainly taken off and you not only see barn doors in trendy urban lofts, you will see them nowadays in suburban new builds where home owners have replaced their traditional door for a trendy barn door. Not only do they add interest to a room, they are a great space saver in tight spots.

But wait!  Before you rip off your traditional door, there are a few things you needs to know about barn doors.

 What rules are being broken here?

Barn Door via Glass River Design

This barn door is absolutely stunning!  It’s like a piece of art that moves.  BUT it breaks a few rules.

1.  Where can they go?

They can go on any wall where there is enough space for when the door is closed AND open.  For the best look, your wall needs to be wide enough to aesthetically accommodate a barn door.

 Sliding Barn Doors: These doors look fabulous in this contemporary style home. The dark hardware accents the warm wood finish.:

Via Houzz – Weaver Custom Homes

The door above has lots of wall space to make the barn door a focal point of the wall.  Whereas the doors below do their job as a door, but look squished and is not as aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Sized, Interior Double Barn Doors | European Antique Pine Warehouse & Custom Barn Doors:

via European Antique Pine Warehouse & Barn Doors

The above french doors do fit into the wall space allocated but look squished.  Another type of door like french doors might have been more suitable here.

2. Style

Barn doors are no longer the traditional rugged barn door.  They can come in all shapes, styles and colors.

Traditional Barn Door

Colorful Vintage Kitchen Ideas - Junk Gypsies Decorating Ideas 9. UPDATE YOUR PANTRY. To give the functional space a farmhouse look, Jolie's husband, Todd, built two panels inspired by barn doors then stained them black (Ebony by Minwax). Over the pantry, a salvaged stained-glass window bring in light from the entryway.:

Photo via House Beautiful

Eclectic Entry Photos Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 14:

Photo via Houzz

 Barn doors as a Focal Point

If it weren’t for that metal track this piece of live edge wood would never suggest it actually serves as a door. Though it may not be a best option as a front door, it’s definitely one of the most interesting sliding doors we could find.{found on traditionalhome}.:

Photo via Homedit Interior Designs

What Our Designers Are Coveting This Year #wewednesday | InteriorCrowd…:

Photo via Interior Crow


Barn Door via Glass River Design

Contemporary Styled Barn Doors

Awesome sliding barn doors. When we built the doorway into what was my daughter's room we asked for pocket doors, but the contractor "couldn't" do that. I'd like to try this as an alternative. Doors that swing open limit your space. I'd replace den sliding glass doors, too - maybe even kitchen ones :):


Barn Door: Modern Styling

Photo via Paper Daisy Design

love this:

Beach House Style Barn Doors

Photo via My Design Chic

3. Hardware style needs to compliment door style


4. Barn Doors for Washrooms?

Barn doors don’t close tight like traditional doors. There is a slight gap between the door and the wall. Barn doors are fine for bathroom doors that are off a bedroom like a master bedroom or a guest bedroom.  But if they are main high traffic bathroom like a main floor bathroom or a family bathroom, you need to explore the idea further.   If the door is just slightly over the opening, there may be a chance someone like a kid LOL can peek inside. If you have room, extending the barn door to be 2″ wider than your opening, for example, may prevent peeping Toms from looking in.

Nice alternative to a pocket door. Much easier than moving electricity and tearing into a wall.:

Photo via Houzz|Envi Interior Design Studio


Photo:  Debi Collinson|Add Value To Your Home

Barn doors are fine for washrooms off a bedroom where you won’t be disturbed by any outside traffic.

Classic Wood Sliding Door in Farmhouse Bathroom Regular door used for the…:

Photo via Scoop It 

Barn doors are great space savers but putting them on a bathroom door requires some thought and planning to ensure that you’re getting the privacy that you need on a bathroom wall that is not in a private bedroom.  There are gaps between the door and wall so little eyes could peek in.  Also you don’t get the same sound barrier as you would with a traditional door.  Barn doors are so trendy and great space savers.

What rules are being broken in our top picture?

Did you figure out the rules that have been broken in our stunning barn door at the top?

1.  The door is on a short wall so it can’t open up wide.  People have to squeeze into the opening showing.

2.  The door leads to a bathroom off a living room.  There is a slight gap so curious kiddos can peak in and noises can be heard from the living room.

With thought and planning, putting the right barn door in the right location will not only make your room look stunning, in the long run it would add value to your home. What barn door are you going to try?

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