Powder Rooms that POP!!!

Rayneswood, GREAT before, powder room 2
This 70’s bathroom was in much needed of a renovation!

Updated October 10, 2020

Powder Rooms that POP!!!

Powder rooms are a relatively inexpensive way to add value to your home. You can make a big impact with a few changes AND more importantly you will recoup the money spent on a powder room when you sell your home.

Nothing shouts 80’s more than coloured bathroom fixtures!

BEFORE:  My client had a very dated bathroom including 80’s style wallpaper.

1. Make a statement 

Powder rooms can make a definite statement. You can go a little wild in your powder room but you want to keep the décor in keeping with the rest of your house. If your home is contemporary, then your powder room needs to be contemporary. If your home is traditional then you get the idea.

2. Fixtures

Vessel sinks are very popular right now and can turn a ho hum power room into one your friends will rave about. Wall mounted sinks, are also trendy, and maximize space.

Low flush toilets are very eco-friendly that buyers want.  Consider a one-piece toilet for a finished look that uses less space.  Your sink & toilet need to be space appropriate for the size of your room.  i.e. Small space, smaller fixtures.  Larger space, use larger fixtures.

Rayneswood, GOOD after, powder room
A new trendy vanity, toilet, taupe travertine with a trendy border, and a pop of color on the wall transformed this dated bathroom.

3. Colour Your Walls

Select a dramatic paint colour or wallpaper for your wall  to make a dramatic impact and surprise  people when they enter the room.

AFTER:  By completely changing all the fixtures, the wall colour and the flooring,  the powder room was transformed — and all for less than $1000.

4. Light it Up

Lighting has a huge impact on a space.  Choose lighting that blends with your design.  It’s better to over light and add a dimmer switch than to under light.

Have fun with your lighting.  There are a lot of great styles to choose from.  If you spend a little bit more on your lighting and get a WOW light, it will have a huge impact on the overall design.

5. Flooring

Hardwood floors are popular right now, as are rich materials such as marble, which offer an upscale look. Ceramic tile is always a popular choice.  Run the same floor material from the hallway into the powder room to create a natural flow. (In our design above, we used two different colours of brown travertine: a light taupe for the majority of the floor, and a coffee colour for the border.  The impact was a rich looking floor.  A drastic change from the tile that was previously there.)

6. The Final Touches

Pay attention to the small details like the mirror, towel rack, toilet paper holder, pictures and even the towels and knick knacks you might put on the sink.  These items don’t need to break the bank but they do have an impact on the overall appearance.  What you choose can have a positive or a negative impact on the final look so you need to choose these final items carefully, and all in keeping with the overall design of your room.


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