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One Room Online Staging Consult + Color


You have a room in your home that doesn’t show well for selling your house.  It has become the junk collector or its empty or it has leftover|hand-me-down furniture.  Whether it be the dining room, bedroom or office, you know that every room should show well to potential buyers. This package will help you with all those issues!



One Room Online Staging Consult

This package is for you if:

You have a dining room, bedroom or office that doesn’t show well to potential buyers. The dining room has become the online kids classroom and study room.  Or it has become the playroom.  The bedroom has become the storage room. OR the bedroom just has too many beds in it or the bed is too big for the room.  You can’t open the closet door without bumping into a piece of furniture.  And the office? You can’t find it for all those file boxes!

Whatever room(s) you pick, you know it doesn’t show well and you’re not sure what do. What type of furniture should you put in? Do you rent or or buy furniture?  What is the best layout of furniture and the right size for the room.

You also think the walls need freshening up but not sure what is the best color to stage your room given the color of the furniture and floors.  Whatever the situation, you want the room to look amazing and showcase your home to get as much money for your home as possible.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your personalized questionnaire and photo information within 24 hrs.  Please be sure to check your junk/spam folders!

Once I receive the completed questionnaire and photos, you will receive your personalized consultation within 4-6 BUSINESS days which includes:

  • a floor plan for your room using your current furniture & accessories in the home
  • list of recommendations of furniture & accessories that would showcase your room to its full potential.
  • paint color recommendation + trim based on current staging trends, your furniture & accessories
  • recommended repairs & small renovations* to a room that could be changed/upgraded depending on the home’s price range, demographics of the neighborhood, and your budget
  • a  video on how to style your bed side tables, dressers, dining room cabinet and/or desk
  • a video on how to style your dining room cabinet
  • final photo check of “staged” room before photo day
  • unlimited messaging