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Curb Appeal Online Consult + Color


Does the front of your home looks like it could belong on a magazine page or has it seen better days? Does it look tired and need help or does it shine? Realtors advise buyers to do a “drive by” at a home & neighborhood that their clients are interested in. A drive by is exactly that.  Buyers will drive by the home to see if they like the home and want to make an appointment to go inside to look further. What would buyers do when on the “drive by”on your home?  Make an appointment to see more or just keep on driving? Be honest.  If buyers would just drive by, this package will help you transform your front curb appeal from drab to fab!



Curb Appeal

This package is for you if:

Drive by your home on your street.  How does it compare to your fellow neighbors?  Does it stand out in a good way or does it blend into the rest of the houses? Or worst.  Does it look tired look & worn down?

That’s what potential buyers do.  They do what you call a “drive by”.  If they like a house, they will want to go in and take a look.  If they don’t like the looks of it, they may just keep on driving by thus the term “drive by.”

How would you rate your home’s curb appeal on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being like it belongs in a magazine, and 1 being it looks it might be scheduled to being torn down.  Be honest! If you rated an 8 or higher, you’re good to go.  If you’re 7 or below, you need help!!!

Does your front door POP or is it a plain Jane door?  Is your porch inviting or boring? Does your garden look like it could belong in the Gnomeo & Juliet movie? Do bushes block the light going into your front room?  You want to paint your front door to stand out but what color? You know your curb appeal could be so much better but you’re not sure what to do and where to start.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your personalized questionnaire and photo information within 24 hrs.  Please be sure to check your junk/spam folders!

Once I receive the completed questionnaire and photos, you will receive your personalized consultation within 4-6 BUSINESS days which includes:

  • a layout of a plan for front porch and yard
  • paint color recommendation for front door
  • paint color recommendation for garage door or window trim
  • recommended repairs & small renovations* to the front yard & porch
  • list of recommendations of furniture & accessories that would showcase the porch to its full potential.
  • final photo check of “staged” space before photo day if you’re preparing to sell your home
  • unlimited messaging

*Please note that recommendations may include general landscaping ideas to areas of the front. However, scrub & plant recommendations that are best for your area need to come from local garden centres.