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One Room Staging Paint Color Online Consult


You’re getting your house ready to sell but you have a room or room(s) in your house that have a dated paint color or the walls need a refresh coat of paint to show the house well to potential buyers.  But you need help in picking a paint color that suits the current furniture & fixtures in the room but is a current trendy staging color.


“Painting your home is one of the BIGGEST upgrades and one of the MOST cost effective upgrades that you can do to get the most money from your home when you’re selling your house.”

Debi Collinson

This package is for you if:

You’re getting your house ready to sell.

You have a room in your home that is worn looking with lots of marks on the walls, OR perhaps the color is dated, OR is too loud for staging.

OR maybe you’re living with the old homeowners paint colors and never got around to repainting the color to something more neutral.

Whatever the reason, you want to get as much money for your home as possible and sell it as fast as possible so you want your first impression to look amazing!!

Please note that the paint color recommendation is for the purpose of staging your home to sell.  The paint color recommendations I use are the current trending staging colors.  This package is NOT suitable for picking paint colors for decorating or redesigning your space to stay and live in your home.  

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your personalized questionnaire and photo information within 24 hrs.  Please be sure to check your junk/spam folders!

Once I receive the completed questionnaire and photos, you will receive your personalized consultation within 2-3 BUSINESS days which includes:

  • 1 – 2 paint color recommendations + trim based on current staging paint color trends, your furniture & accessories
  • unlimited messaging
  • total of 15 minutes conference call