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Staging Consult 2 Hour e-Design



This package is for you if:

  • You need 2 hours staging guidance advice for several rooms or spaces that can be accomplished in a zoom call with your computer and camera going around your spaces where I will give you my savvy staging advise as a professional stager and house flipper.  You can record the call for your notes.
  • You need guidance on what should stay in a room for staging purposes, and what should go to storage.
  • You need guidance on how to use the furniture and accessories in your house to showcase your house in the best possible light to attract potential buyers
  • You may need some color guidance using my staging color recommendations that you have been looking at.
  • You may welcome some suggestions for furniture or accessories to complement your current furniture.
  • With your permission, you can be added to my 30 Day Get Your House Ready to Sell Challenge where you will receive an e-mail challenge every day for 30 Days!
This is a two hour online consult.  Are you serious about making some serious money  from the sale of your house? Do you want more than just guidance? Check out my two other staging packages.