Starting to Declutter: Living room & family room

Let’s Start Decluttering!

If you haven’t had a stager in your home yet, now would be a good time to get one in.  Contact or find the realtor that you are going to use and ask for a staging consult.  They should provide this service free of charge.

Now that you have identified what large furniture items that you won’t be taking with you to your next home and that you don’t need for staging, you need to start getting rid of some of that clutter and knick knacks.

Try to tackle two rooms today if its doable.  The living room and the family room.

Your System to Decluttering


















Take a look at the room:Debi-Collinson-Interiors

You already know:

  • what big ticket items are staying for staging
  • what big ticket items are going

Decide from the rest:

  • do you need it for staging?
  • are you taking that item it with you to your next home?

If you answered no to both of the above questions:

The item in question is going to:

  1. Recycling
  2. Donations
  3. Garbage

Go through each item until you’re done!

Then move on to the next room designated for today.

Give yourself another pat on the back!  You did it!

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