How to Update a Dated Fireplace Makeover

Your fireplace should be without question, the focal point of your room. People should walk into your room and say “wow” because it looks stunning.

Does Your Fireplace Look Stunning or Dated?

Does it have old stone or brick? Don’t worry if you have a dated or boring fireplace.  With a little bit alot of hard work you can transform your fireplace into something that you are really proud of and that your guests will say “wow”.

We moved into a newer home several months ago and inherited this ugly ornate fireplace.  It didn’t suit our style and it certainly didn’t suit the style of the home.  It was one of the first renovations that we tackled.


Does this fireplace make a good first impression?  Absolutely not!!!  The “doo-dad” on the fireplace, the dated faux paint style and the brass insert gives the impression that the house is older than it actually is.



Removing the “Doo-Dad”


The first job was to tackle the ugly doo-dad.  With a hammer and chisel, little by little the doo-dad came off.  But not without a fight.


We sanded down the remaining bumps that wouldn’t come off easily.


Filling up the gaps where we were overly anxious and dug into the fireplace.   It was alot of work to get the “doo-dad” off but wait to you see the results.

 Painting the Brass Insert with Rustoeum’s High Heat Black Gloss Paint


Next step was to paint over the dated brass fireplace with Rustoleum’s high heat black gloss paint.  I used a foam brush so that I wouldn’t get brush marks.  It took 3-4 coats to cover up the brass.

The Reveal – A Stunning Fireplace Transformation


Finally I painted over that awful dated faux paint color.  Here you can see the before and after.  What a difference paint can make.  The brass fireplace has one coat on it at this point.


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  1. You guys did a really nice job. Personally, I like the old one…just more plain and simple. A matter of taste.

  2. Love your makeover! I’m moving into a house with a dated brick fireplace. It’s large and with no doors. Has a mantel over the top where I plan to put my TV. The only thing I could think to do was paint the bricks white. Any other suggestions?

    1. Hi Jeanne – it’s hard to recommend colors without seeing pictures. Go on Pinterest and Houzz to get some ideas. Pay particular attention to fireplaces that are similar to yours for ideas. I hope that helps! Good luck!

  3. I actual liked the “doo-dad” as well maybe next time you could hv incooperated into the design of the fireplace. Nevertheless I like the fireplace, how did the the fireplace paint turned out, I would love to do that to mine, but a bit scarred to do it, any suggestions.Thanks

    1. I think 50% liked the “doo-dad” and 50% hate it (lol). I’ve done two fireplaces with the fireplace paint. The first one I sprayed on, and the second one I painted. Personally, I prefer the spray on but I’ve heard that someone like the paint on kind better. Spraying was faster for me, but I couldn’t remove the screen for this particular fireplace without causing alot of work and perhaps damaging it as well. There is a post on the blog on how I did the first fireplace with spray on fire paint. Good luck!

  4. Debi you are very lucky to have a job that you love. The fireplace came out great. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow, now that’s a makeover! I can’t believe that’s the same fireplace! What a great job you did. Love it! Pinned!

  6. Hi Debi! I have a confession….I actually liked the “doo-dad.” But not so much the faux look. But I have to agree with you…the fireplace is “wow” now! Love the white! And isn’t it amazing that the fireplace surround has disappeared? It no longer stands out. Looks great. Pinned.

    1. Thanks so much Florence! In hind sight, maybe the “doo-dad” would have been ok if it was all white but it gone now. Thanks for popping by.

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