The Cat’s Meow – Transforming an end table

The Cat’s Meow – Making an old table meowlichious

In my family there is a standing joke where my brother (NOT a cat lover) pulled a not-so-funny-to-me prank.  In my singles days, a girlfriend and I were driving back from summer holidays from Martha’s Vineyard.  I made a phone call to make parents to see how they were doing and ALSO to see how my cat was doing since they were taking care of her for the two weeks I was away.

My “let’s stress out my little sister” brother answered the phone.  I was surprised he was there and asked him what he was doing.  He said that he was answering the phone since mom and dad were outside looking for my cat.  What? I thought.  My cat was an indoor cat and wasn’t supposed to go outside.  Before he handed the phone over to my mom, my brother’s parting words were “don’t tell mom I told you.”

So my mom casually picks up the phone: “hello dear, how’s your trip?” she asked.  Fine I said.  But I couldn’t hold back any longer.  “Where’s my cat?  “D” said she’s outside and that you were looking for her.  There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.  “Oh Debi, don’t you know your brother by know?” she laughed and sighed at the same time.

I hung up the phone and my friend asked me what was wrong.  She said that I looked like I had seen a ghost.  Clearly, my brother is not a cat lover.

This cute little side table is calling all cat lovers.  This table was a hand me down from a client’s house I staged.  They didn’t want it any more and were going to give it to a thrift store.  I’ll take it I piped up.  It was originally white but I painted it plain boring dark to use for staging homes.  But the garage is getting stuffed with furniture so I pulled this solid wood piece out thinking that it deserves another home.










I removed the knobs and cleaned the table as it had been in the garage for awhile.

I used my own recipe of DIY chalk paint to give it a fresh start.  Using a foam brush I painted it on the table.  I gave it a few coats of paint letting it dry a couple of hours in between coats.  Fortunately it was a hot day outside and the drying process was pretty quick.












Apparently, I forgot to take pictures of the drawers.  I thought I had sorry.  I’ll do that in another post for another table I’m working on.

I measured the 3 drawers for the width and length of each drawer (the width obviously the same for all 3 drawers.)

Using a steel ruler, square and exacto knife, I carefully cut out the 3 pieces being EXTREMELY careful to match the pattern of the cats.



A Purrfect Bedside Table.  www.AddValueToYourHome.ca










I used Mod Podge, satin finish to glue the paper on and 5 coats on top to protect it letting each coat dry before I put the next coat on.

I distressed it slightly at the top, edges and legs.  The final touch was lightly waxed with clear Mini Wax to protect the finish.









A Purrfect Bedside Table.  www.AddValueToYourHome.ca









So what about you?  Are you a cat lover too?



Debi Collinson is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to help people Add Value to their Home while making their home a stunning retreat at the same time.


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