2021 Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Sell Your House

Top 10 Interior Design Trends

Just like the fashion industry where fashion trends come and go, the interior design industry also experiences trends that come and go.

The trends for 2021 (in no particular order) are:

1. Big sectional sofas in living rooms.

Long gone are the days where the living rooms were very formal and only used for Sunday company.  Homeowners want more use out of this room and are putting in big sectional sofas for talking and lounging, and also big screen TVs.  Something you wouldn’t see 20 years ago in a living room.

sectional sofa 1








staging, great after, living & dining room, Mugford










2. Dark Blue Walls

Dark blue walls are all the rage right now.  If you’re bold enough, do an entire room in blue.  Or do one wall as an accent wall if you feel like the walls are going to cave in around you in an all dark blue room.  Since this color is so intense, one dark blue room in the house is enough !

blue accent wall 2













blue accent wall 1









 3.  Rustic tables with contemporary dining room chair OR

It use to be that all our furniture had to be matchy matchy.  Boring.  NO longer.  The trend is to have rustic tables with contemporary furniture.  Reclaimed barnboard wood furniture is very popular.

rustic table with tradional chairs
The stunning rustic chandelier makes a statement in this dining room.









rustic table with black contemporary chairs












3.  Rustic tables with contemporary living room sofas.

rustic coffee table







rustic coffee table 2









4.  Black or gray trim around windows.

Black trim makes a powerful and bold statement.  Lighter gray always makes a dramatic statement but a little less bolder.

black trim around window and doors
















black trim around windows
The dramatic black window trim combined with the stunning chandelier are the focal points in this room which creates excitement.


















5.  Painted inside doors

It may seem unusual to paint your doors inside, but why not.  Careful color selection is the key to making this trend work.

door, interior painted, gray
















door, interior, painted, turqouise
Turquoise is a very popular color right now. It looks most effective with neutral colors so the room doesn’t become over powered with too much color.
















6. Light fixtures that make a statement

Light fixtures can not only be a functional light source, they can be a focal point in a room as well.









This stunning light fixture is a piece of art as well as creating ambience in this gorgeous living room.










7.  Vintage tubs with claw feet

In this stressful go go go world that we live in, we want to come home to our retreats and relax.  These vintage tubs with claw feel help us distress the moment we walk to our spa bathrooms.










bathtub with claw feet

















8.  Poster beds

There is something romantic and relaxing about a poster bed.  Once we finish our relaxing bath in our claw footed vintage tub, we can curl up with a great book and fall asleep in our relaxing poster bed.


poster bed, HGTV
Photo courtesy of HGTV


















9.  Green ideas

As our world is becoming increasingly aware of the impact that we have on our global footprint, there is a trend towards green materials, nature inspired interior designs & color schemes that will embrace this environmentally friendly movement.  And none to soon.   The home renovation industry is the biggest contributor to landfill.

plank walls, lovelyetc
This entrance way gets a stunning makeover using recycled plank wood for the accent wall. Courtesy of lovelyetc.com


















nature inspired living room
This nature inspired living room would be soooooo relaxing to come home too !




























10.  Painted furniture

To think, it wasn’t too long ago that we were all scraping paint off of wooden and antique furniture.  Now we are covering it up again with furniture paint, chalk paint, stencils and even fabric or wallpaper on our furniture.  I must admit, I was getting really tired of the wood furniture so I am happy to paint over whatever I am allowed to cover up.

teal blue dresser














dresser, after








See post for Beautiful Blue Buffet here


blue night stand












I already have a rustic coffee table in my living room.  For sure, I am going to paint the inside of my front door a dark blue.  And I have painted the same sideboard that’s showing in black, in a dark blue which I will post later.

Which design trend(s) are you going to tackle this year ?


Debi Collinson is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to help people Add Value to their Home while making their home a stunning retreat at the same time.








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