Update Your Tired Patio Set


Update Your Tired Patio Set

Curb appeal for your home is the FIRST impression that people make when they pull up to your house.  Walk across the street right now and take a really good impartial look at your house.

What’s your curb appeal?  Is it contemporary and update to date?  Or tired and dated looking?  Your patio set or bistro set or cafe set, whatever you call it, can have a huge impact on the impression people make about your home.  Perhaps it was really cute about 5+ years ago but now it’s faded and not so cute.

bistro set, before. www.AddValueToYourHome.ca









Take a look at the style.  Is it still contemporary?  Can a quick can of spray paint remedy the situation?

bistor set in progress









Pick a contemporary and cute color that will make it pop in minutes.  If you’re not sure of the color, try a corner of the table or chair and see what you think.  It’s only paint, so it’s a quick fix if you don’t like the color you choose.  Here trendy aqua gets first pick!


bistro set, too much heat










Be careful to spray lightly and several coats.  If you’re going from dark or black to a lighter color, two or more coats might be necessary.

See the little bubbles on this leg?  It’s a cause of too much paint and spraying in the hot heat.  Watch out for those temperature warnings on the side of your spray can.  They actually do mean to spray between those temperatures!!! (Who knew?)

If you do get bubbles or drips, you can either sand the effected area, wipe it down clean with damp cloth and start again when it’s dry.

Also put your furniture on top of old cans or wood so that you spray the feet properly.


bistro set, shade of teal









What a difference.  Nothing that a couple of cans of spray paint can’t fix.


bistro set, before








Here’s the before again.


Update your tired patio set













And the transformation.  Quick and easy and so effective.

What are you inspired to update?


Debi Collinson is a Designer, Stager, Renovator & Blogger. For over 10 years she have been helping clients make their home stunning but also adding value to their home at the same time. The results are amazing – her clients have earned money for their home beyond their expectations.









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