Black Rooms – Are You Bold Enough To Try This?

Black Rooms – Are You Bold Enough To Try This?

I first saw an “all black” room when I was watching Designer & TV Host Genevieve Gorder in her NYC apartment renovation show recently.  My first thought was an all black room??  I don’t think I would ever try this.  But after a while, and seeing a few other “all black” rooms, it actually started to grow on me. An all black room may not be for everyone, but you must admit, it is very cool and you just might be tempted to try it – or at the very least, one accent wall!

Designer Genevieve Gorder’s All Black Living Room in NYC in photo below. Genevieve successfully pulls off a room with all black walls (of course she would) using some of the techniques below.

Notice how she uses lighting, white upholstered fabric, lots of various textures, and a dramatic black & white picture to pull off this stunning black living room.

(Found on GenevieveGorder.com)

black room, genevieve gorder, NYC Apartment Renovation











How to Decorate a Room with Black Walls

There is some technique involved in decorating an all black room.  A room with all black walls can look really amazing or really bad. Here are some ideas when decorating a room with black walls.

Use White as an Accent

Offset all of the black with white or light shades. You can have white upholstered furniture, white bedding, white ceiling, white moldings, white artwork, white lamp shades, or white accessories like pillows.

Photo:  Jenni Kayne’s Los Angeles Living Room

black walls, Jenni-Kayne-Los-Angeles-living-room-black-walls











Bold Colors

Adding a few pops of bold color to your all black room will make it. Rooms that are primarily black can feel depressing without some bright pops!.

The red accents in the bathroom below gives this room the color it needed.  If all black is a bit intimating, try a dark grey as shown below.  Less scary and yet very effective.


black room, dark grey bathroom

















To keep the room from feeling dull, add items with lots of texture. You can have art décor, a sleek metallic lamp and patterned upholstery or drapery.  A bold graphic pattern will add visual interest.

Even the Bachelor Mansion updated one of their rooms to a black room.  The various art pieces, rug and floor adds interest and lightens the room.














Mirrors are a effective way to lighten up black walls.  The mirror will help bounce light around.

black room, large mirror
















Don’t forget about adding lots of lighting to a black room. The color black will seem to absorb all of the light, so you will need more light than if you had a room with lighter colored walls.

Genevieve uses different light sources not only to lighten up the room but to add visual interest.  She also breaks up the black with a wood door & the hanging basket lights.  (Genevieve Gorder’s NYC Living Room Apartment.  Found on GenevieveGorder.com)


black room, genevieve gorder, living room










Black Accent Wall

This is not for everyone!  As with any latest trend, you need to have the house & location to go with it.  An all black room would look great in any trendy downtown condo but may look down right silly in a sleepy suburbia home that is stuffed with kids toys.  If you still like the black wall idea but not sure about all four walls, then pick one wall for a feature wall.

Various use of textures, mixing leather tiles, brick, mirror and glass makes this a successful design.

black room, accent wall 3











So what do you think?  Are YOU bold enough to try this????


Debi Collinson is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to help people Add Value to their Home while making their home a stunning retreat at the same time.

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