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Christmas Wreaths for Your Front Door

Christmas Wreaths for Your Front Door


Your neighborhood and passer-bys see your front door. Your front door says a lot about you and your home.  What do you want your front door to say about you this holiday season?

A Christmas wreath is a fun and easy way to make a statement!  Do you want something a little different than the traditional Christmas wreath this year?


The traditional Christmas wreath. Photo: Houzz


Check out these different Christmas wreaths starting with wreaths made from Christmas hydrangeas.





A rustic looking entrance that is very trendy this year.


Not sure what to do with double doors?  Use a wreath on each one.  These colorful festive wreaths would work on any style of door.


Very different and fun!  You need to be in a climate where your temperature won’t go above freezing though or you’ll loose your wreath LOL!


Traditional Spaces  Photo:  Houzz


These wreaths would also look really good hanging lower on a silver or green ribbon.



I know I know.  This isn’t a front door but I like the simplicity of this wreath.  It’s very down to earth and it would work well for a front door that is white, red or wood.  Also the little red ornaments and red ribbons complete the natural look.



A little too cluttered in decorations.  Take away one or two items but the styles of the decorations can give you some ideas.


Love the natural garland around the large columns.


These natural wreaths are a bit plain on their own but the lovely decorated urns compliments the porch.  In a bigger space like this one, a wreath sometimes is just not enough.



A different spin on the traditional wreath.


Photo: Houzz

Even fire stations get in on the wreath decorating with these tastefully decorating wreaths!!!

Don’t want to do a traditional wreath?  This holiday door decoration is festive & unique!


This  traditional decoration is too cluttered for my taste.  I would include 2 or 3 of the ideas.  Either the toy solders or the Christmas trees/presents and garland on top of the door.  However, all the decorations are tastefully done and can give you some great ideas.


What’s your favorite wreath?  Are you game to try something different this year?
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